The Death of FitTrack

While working on the MVC implementation for my FitTrack application I googled "cottage cheese" to cross reference a menu item entry. This is what I got.

That search was essentially the death of my FitTrack application.
Notice the variants of cottage cheese you get if you select the drop down arrow.
Then notice the measurements you get on next line, beautifully data bound to the variants drop down above.

With FitTrack's Silverlight UI implementation I came pretty close to this level of responsiveness but my MVC implementation falls FAR short of what google is doing with a simple search on a food name. I'd been pretty happy with what I'd accomplished using Knockout.js, Bootstrap, MVC and CSLA until I saw that.

Simply put a basic food name search on google results in something that FAR exceeds anything I could ever hope to provide for a cross platform experience, i.e. in HTML5.

My FitTrack application dies and again I lament the loss of Silverlight.