First Azure Database

Getting my feet wet with Azure SQL tonight and I just created my first ever database on the platform. The first step was to create a new server instance since I did not yet have a hosting server. The second page of the creation prompts you to provide credentials for the new server. With no instructions about what to use as a "log in name" I used my gmail account as I would for almost any account name. The database created successfully but I quickly found I couldn't access it at all. I just kept getting authentication errors. I noticed in one of the errors that the user name reported in the failure was the login name I'd initially entered with the "" truncated. This made me wonder if Azure was understanding the "@" character as a domain indicator.

I went back to the Azure portal, deleted the server and started from scratch creating another new server. This time around I used just "dane.vinson" as the login name. Bingo! Everything worked correctly and I was able to upload my database and access it without issue.

There's definitely a miss in the credentials validation during the server creation process IMO. If the authentication protocols are going to universally understand "@" as a domain indicator credentials validation should really be catching that.

Other than this initial annoyance the process worked flawlessly and my SQL database was up and running on Azure in just a few minutes. I'm now able to connect directly to my database through SQL Management Studio (very cool)  and the browser-based management tool for Azure databases is slick. So far I'm pretty impressed with Azure SQL.